The Secret to Perfect Wedding Stationery!

In this day in age everything is done online, and that includes writing letters! Therefore, when it comes to putting together an elegant letter, it’s become something of a special skill. Here at the Wedding Salon we love décor and design, and frankly we really want to know how to address a fancy envelope. It’s just one of those things that has to be Googled every single time, up until now that is. That’s because we’ve come across Postable!


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*All Images are courtesy of Postable

Postable is an online company that allows you to create an original and personalized letter (for any occasion you can imagine) and THEY MAIL IT OUT FOR YOU (fancy included). You can create invitations, thank you cards, baby announcements, wedding invitations and so much more. Next time you want to mail out a letter or an invite and want it to look like you’re a pro at all those envelope details check out Postable, it’s the perfect combination of efficiency and style.