The One and only Guide to Planning a DC Wedding

Once the newly engaged bliss wears off, you’re promptly thrown into that overwhelming process we affectionately refer to as wedding planning. The goal of making your Pinterest wedding board a reality may seem like mission impossible, but the gals over at Here Comes The Guide can help! Not only do they have a great website that gives you all the nitty-gritty information you need on venues and vendors in the DC Metro area, they also have some practical tips for locking in your dream location and that all-star vendor team you’re looking for:

Image Location: The Hay-Adams

1. Start researching and planning as early as possible. In the Washington, D.C. Metro Area (DC–VA–MD–WV), approximately 51% of weddings held last year were in the months of May, June, September and October. If you’re hoping to host your wedding during one of these popular party months, the best time to commit to a venue is NOW! Be flexible about the date and you’ll have an even better chance of getting the location you want.

2. Consider a Friday, Sunday or off-season wedding
. If you skip Saturdays and those in-demand party months altogether, you’ll find that more venues and vendors are available.

3. Broaden your geographical area
. Even if you live in DC proper, you can easily plan a wedding anywhere in the DC Metro Area. Vendors travel throughout the region, so feel free to consider a venue in, say, Maryland, invite your favorite DC florist and hire a photographer based in Northern Virginia. By expanding your boundaries, you’ll be more likely to find a location and event pros you love who also happen to be available on the date you’ve picked.

4. Bookmark’s DC Metro Weddings page and refer to it often during your planning process.
 You can easily get to all of our recommended DC Metro wedding venues and our Certified By The Guide vendors from this centralized location. This page also highlights our super helpful lists of “Questions to Ask” potential venues and vendors, and provides details on the best wedding fairs and events in your area—like The Wedding Salon!

Happy planning…and booking!