Gorgeous Free Printables

Planning a-lux wedding means you have put a lot of time and thought into details. These gorgeous free printables are the perfect detail for pre-wedding events and bridal party gifts.  Printables that incorporate interactivity also have stimulate personal impact. The events leading up to your rehearsal dinner are a great way to help you and your fiance’s family and friends bond. We are featuring wonderful the Flutter Magazine in this post because we adore the look and feel of these beautiful printables they have available to you! Remember, do not print them from here, go to Flutter Magazine to download and print the high resolution versions for your weddings and events.

Bar Cart Coffee Cards: Take your guests coffee orders on these modern coffee cards. This specific card would be best for the wedding shower and rehearsal dinners. Go to Flutter Magazine, open document, print the cards, cut them down to shape, and place them on your tables! Its that simple. 

coffeecards  guestlibs  llprintabletags2
Guest Libs: Let your guests give some advice for the happy couple in the form of light spirited guest libs. Wouldn’t it be nice to keep them and pull them out in the future? Make it a tradition to read them on big anniversaries or share them with family/ friends a at holiday parties. This way you can relive some of those happy moments and memories, even years down the line.

Welcome Basket Printable Tags: If you have a bridal party you are probably  preparing some sort of thank you gift for each member. Personalizing the gifts with tags is a great way to herald your gratefulness. After all, it’s beautiful that your close friends and family participated in making your big day so special. What would you and your fiance put in basket with “These are a few of our favorite things” tags on them?

Flutter Magazine is an amazing resource for planning your luxury wedding, if you have not had a chance to visit their Hearts Aflutter blog yet, check it out right now! It is filled with modern, luxurious wedding inspiration. And don’t forget our  luxury wedding inspiration in the Wedding Salon Gallery!