7 Tips For Feeling Hot On Your Wedding Day

There is a lot of pressure to feel and look perfect on your wedding day. However,  we know it’s much more easily said than done!  We are suggesting some pre-wedding day techniques as well as day of wedding techniques that will have you feeling your best! It’s important to make sure you take appropriate measures to genuinely enjoy your wedding day without having the thoughts “I really shouldnt have eat this today” or “I feel oily”… in the back of your mind.

1.  Make Your Workout Fun
If you don’t work out regularly and have never had the desire to, try something different for wedding day prep. We suggest fun classes from Pure Barre. “Pure Barre allows you to block “life” out for the hour, creating the mental benefits similarly obtained by the practice of yoga or meditation. A transformed body and a clear head in just one hour—it doesn’t get much better than this.” Doing a workout that will relieve stress and tone you up will help you FEEL great. Some other fun options, depending on your personality could be kick boxing, hip hop/dance classes, acrobatics, or even swing classes. One of our favorite luxury gyms, David Barton Gyms, offers the swing classes that will make you look like a pro for your wedding and whip you into shape!

Pure Barre NYC - Wedding Fitness

2. Get High End Lingerie
Get some seriously rockin’ lingerie that makes you feel like you sexy. You should wear it under your wedding dress just to give you that extra boost of sass and confidence all day long. There are many options for beautiful lingerie but one of our personal favorites is Kiki De Montparnasse, luxurious lingerie that is a wedding must! Tell your bridesmaids about this site for your bachelorette party gifts!

Kiki De Montparnasse - Wedding Day Lingerie

3. Learn How to Pose for Pictures
There are certain poses that you hate and certain poses that you love. Look at some of your past pictures and figure out what makes your body and shape look the best. Ask your photographer what other people have done to elongate their shape. Come up with poses you absolutely hate and make you feel uncomfortable and let your photographer know ahead of time. This will avoid uncomfortable moments and give you confidence. Knowing that you feel good about your photos will make you feel good all day!

4. Don’t Buy Junk Food for a While
Starting 6 month – a year before your wedding commit to not bringing junk food into your house. You will be surprised at how much better you will look and feel when you skip eating oreos late night. This way at least if you are eating out, not dieting, or exercising, you will still trim down and feel better. Replace  those junk food snacks something healthy. Our suggestion is to go with a company like Alive Juices!

Alive Juices

5.  What NOT Eat the Day Of Your Wedding
You definitely need to eat before you walk down the aisle, but selecting something that won’t make you feel icky can be tricky. You know your body the best, you know how you feel when you eat certain foods. Keep these specific things in mind: Avoid eating foods that make you feel bloated, jittery, oily or give you heart burn for your wedding day.
Here are some of the basics: Avoid coffee, energy drinks, or teas that have a lot of caffeine in them, you will be jittery and your nerves will naturally give you energy.
Avoid oils – skip the oil/vinegar dressings or anything that makes your face feel dirty
Avoid salts/carbonated/ drinks – this will make you feel bloated, full and uncomfortable in your dress.
Avoid spicy – anything spicy might give you heart burn or make your stomach sick

6. Say No to Things that Make You Feel Uncomfortable
Some wedding traditions may make you feel uncomfortable. It is a day where you are forced to be in the spot light and some traditions may feel icky to you. If you personally feel that the whole garter belt gig is not something that will make you feel good, then ditch it! If you don’t want cake smeared all over your face after spending money on makeup, tell your fiance before hand. Feeling hot and enjoying your day is a priority for you, go ahead and explain why you would rather ditch those things. People will respect your wishes, its your big day!

7.  Be Confident
Prepare yourself in advance to love how you look and feel. Managing your expectations will make you feel perfect for your big day. Just because it’s your wedding day doesn’t mean you will all of a sudden the Barbie, however, you are beautiful, after all someone is dedicating their life to you, that should be enough. If you follow some of these simple steps you will feel hot on your wedding day.

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