Top 5 Cutest Wedding Photos

If you are going to pay for a great photographer you should at least have a little fun with your wedding photos. Take the time to get some fun pictures that you will look back on fondly. Use your personality as a couple to come up with the ideas, like the images below. Each photo links to a list of other funny photos as well so enjoy a good giggle with us. How much fun would these wedding photos be on Christmas/Holiday cards? Or even to print out and send to your wedding party for your Thank You’s! You can mix it up with poses and ideas for  your wedding party, your family and your friends. Your wedding day is a great time to showcase all your relationships and capture the nature of those relationships, let you personality shine through!

This Kissy - Ashfall Mixed Media




Wedding photos don’t have to be tradition, just remember, it’s your wedding so have fun with it.  Tell us, which one of these if your favorite, or share some other pictures like this one. There are so many resources out there to help you come up with ideas for your wedding party. So, hope on pinterest, reddit. buzfeed, or your favorite blogs and leave a comment for us and share ideas with each other!