Lunch With a Legend – Sylvia Weinstock

Tatiana Byron & Sylvia Weinstock

Over the years Tatiana Byron, Wedding Salon founder and CEO, has become very close with many industry professionals, but one person in particular holds a special place in our hearts, Sylvia Weinstock.  Just to refresh your memory, Sylvia Weinstock is a ground breaking  celebrity cake maker that has been a huge influencer and part of the Wedding Salon family. At 93 years old she still schedules regular lunch dates with Tatiana. In 2015 it’s not often to have such an amazing mentor and unique bond. The truth is, these two have so much in common it’s very easy to see why they have become such close pals. Both Tatiana and Sylvia are self made, driven,  business women. They both share a love for the wedding industry and have become extremely successful business women. Cheers to all the successful women and mothers out there taking on life one day at a time!

If you don’t know much about Sylvia, read the article from the Wall Street Journal, it will inspire you to go for your dreams. Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too!

Kimberly Callet, David Berke, Tatiana Byron, Sylvia Weinstock and Mara Urshel
Kimbery Callet, David Berke, Tatiana Byron, Sylvia Weinstock, and Mara Urshel back at a Wedding Salon event in 2011