2015 Wedding Flower Trends from Expert Chad Cannizzaro Jr.

We are excited to present the latest in wedding flower trends. Chad Cannizzaro Jr. from Carroll’s Florist in Staten Island is not only an expert in his field but an innovator. Carroll’s florist has become known as the go to florist for luxe weddings in State Island and New York City, but we will let the pictures speak for themselves. Each of the following pictures are Chad’s recent designs!


More and more couples are ditching the round tables and selecting rectangle or square tables that facilitate guest interaction.  Couples are focusing on the merging of family and friends through the wedding experience. Low arrangements  are best for encouraging guest communication.To make up for lack of height, designers like Chad are covering the length of the tables with beautiful flowers, candles, and lighting. Spreading the design out horizontally enables the designer to make high impact without disrupting the flow of communication at tables.


Chad pointed out that couples are also favoring the garden to table flower concept. The natural and lush arrangements mimic flowers and greenery from your garden, creating a romantic and whimsical. The most popular colors include peaches, grays, greens and ivory’s.The flower favorites in achieving this look include succulents, garden roses, peonies, and ranunculus in more natural tones.

s Florist - Image 1

s Florist - Image 2


According to our expert, couples are also getting more creative with floral containers and table decor. He he says it’s becoming more and more rare to get requests for cylinder or plain square vases. Couples are selecting birch bar vases, more original shapes, gold ceramics, lanterns  and vintage styles. What kind of vases are you planning on using?

s Florist - Image 11


It’s no secret that we all want what we can’t have. That’s just part of the reason most of us are obsessed with anemones (white flower with black centers), they are delicate, beautiful, and easy to love. But they are hard to hunt down most of the year because they have a short window of seasonality. Chad created this bouquet for a bride who really nailed the white, ivory, and gray trend for her modern wedding.

s Florist - Image 14

 What trends are you most into this year! Post your comments, we would love to hear your thoughts!