6 Laugh-able Wedding Moments

1. That moment when you CANNOT stop laughing

You know when you are really nervous and shouldn’t be laughing but it makes you laugh more and you just simple CANNOT stop? That’s what happens here, understandably laughable.
This bride just can’t stop, it’s the wedding moments like these that translate into long happy marriages.

2. Sometimes staying closer to land is the safer option

Getting photo opportunity on a beautiful dock in Michigan sounds wonderful, right?  Well after seeing this entire wedding party go under, you might think twice about that waterside photo.

3. Talk about an unforgettable wedding moment! 

Hopefully all of your groomsmen have themselves pulled together for your big day.  Tip for groomsmen: wear a belt!

4. Have bridesmaids are smart enough to stay hydrated, get sleep and wear comfortable shoes!

You don’t need anyone, especially one of your bridesmaids passing out on you while you are trying to say your vows! KEYWORD “trying”!

5.  If your fiance is the funny guy, you will be sure to have one of these performances on your big day!

Surprise dances for brides and grooms are super popular now-a-days.  This wedding moment is all about the groom…. AND  all of his groomsmen showing off…

6. And lastly, those moments when your MOH does something completely unexpected

Making the most of your maid of honor speech is something that your guests will appreciate as much as the bride and groom.  This MOH really stands out with her rap to her older sister on her big day.

Please share your favorite funny wedding moments with us!