The Caribbean Romance Pavilion



In honor of Caribbean Week in New York City, the Caribbean Romance Pavilion was hosted on June 3, at EZ Studios.  Over 200 brides, grooms, and loved ones came together and planned their dream destination weddings and honeymoons.  Before grabbing their gift bags and heading out the door, we asked couples to describe what was the most important element in planning their destination weddings and honeymoons.  This is what we found:


1.       Resorts with Top to Bottom Wedding Packages: Many couples planning destination weddings want a carefree getaway wedding that doesn’t require the planning involved with elaborate local weddings. Couples are loving resorts that offer full blown Destinations Wedding Packages that include an onsite wedding planner, makeup and hair services, onsite wedding officiate, advance wedding certificate planning, decorations, hotel stays for guests and the rest of their wedding needs.


2.       Adults Only Resorts: Couples want to relax and enjoy their wedding vacations with other adults in a calm, slow paced environment. It’s an avenue for joining close adult friends and family without the stress of planning and caring for children.  The destination wedding becomes a vacation for all.


3.       Exotic Elements: Just as couples seek memorable elements in local venues, couples are seeking exotic atmospheres for their destination weddings. Couples gravitate toward white sand, clear waters, striking resorts grounds, exotic food, and luxury exotic accommodations. Because couples are saving money with a smaller guest list, they splurge on a unique atmosphere.


4.       Privacy:  Bungalows, private suites, and secluded cabins have become a must for destination weddings. With family and friends in the same location couples find it romantic to get-away to their secluded accommodations with a view.


Do you agree?  What do you think is most important in planning your destination wedding or honeymoon?  Let us know by commenting below!