Seven Reasons Why YOU should be on The Knot


Tie the knot using The Knot!

Planning your dream wedding can be one of most rewarding, yet stressful events that you will ever plan.  Here at Wedding Salon we are obsessed with The Knot.  They offer resources and ideas on all things you will need for your wedding.  After much debate we have compiled the seven best reasons why YOU should be on The Knot!

1.  Ideas + Etiquette

The Knot Ideas + Etiquette tab offers ideas, inspiration, and etiquette tips on basically every aspect of your wedding.  Can’t choose a theme?  Don’t fret, the Knot offers the most up-to-date trends.  Aren’t sure how to write your own wedding vows?  The Knot has created an easy-t0-use template to help you!

2.  Wedding Website

You can create a FREE wedding website on The Knot.  Wedding websites are becoming a vital resource when communicating with guests.  Not only is it a great way to share your special story and those adorable engagement photos, but it’s also a great place for guests go to for venue info, directions, and links to your registry!  With 87 templates to choose from, it’s borderline impossible to find something that will match your unique style.

3.  Checklists

When you create a profile on The Knot you are asked to include your wedding date.  Using this information The Knot creates a month-by-month checklist to ensure your dream wedding is planned on time with no surprises.  Wedding Salon’s own Jessica Funk (recent newlywed) shares, “I lived by [The Knot checklists].  It’s what I used to plan my own wedding!”

4.  Discounts/Promotions

The Knot is one of the most known and used resources when planning weddings.  As a result vendors offer special promotions with The Knot, which are shared with users based on location.  Who doesn’t love to save few bucks?

5.  Articles

The Knot is full of amazing articles to assist you with all your unanswered questions.  Unsure how to change your name after your wedding?  No need to worry, The Knot teaches you how step-by-step!

6.  Vendor Guide

Since The Knot is the Beyoncé of all things weddings, they have one of the best vendor guides we’ve seen.  The guide is localized by city ensuring brides and grooms fabulous and convenient vendors.

7.  Community

The Community tab is an online forum where users ask questions and share their knowledge and suggestions with one another.  Who can relate better than a fellow bride or groom going through the same wedding planning issues?


Since we share the common goal of helping our brides and grooms, Wedding Salon has teamed up with The Knot to further our missions of planning your dream weddings!