5 Destination Wedding Trends at Dreams Resorts & Spas

No matter what the occasion, AM Resorts can help you make memories of your wedding day that will last a lifetime. It is an event that represents you as a person, and the two of you as a couple. Take a look at some of the latest and hottest trends for Destination Weddings in 2015. These trends are sure to create a unique event that you will want to relive over and over!

1. The Tech Trend

tech trend

Technology is rapidly changing in our world today, so why not incorporate the latest high tech gadgets into your Dreams Resorts & Spas wedding celebration!? Drone camera services, GoPros, and selfie sticks are the perfect tools to not only capture your guests, but the entire surrounding area of your one-of-a-kind destination wedding can be represented. By adding these innovative and popular technologies to your destination wedding, you can be sure to get that “Instagram worthy selfie.”

2. Going Green While Wearing White


One of the growing trends for 2015 is a movement towards environmentally conscious events. All Dreams Resorts & Spas have wedding coordinators who are excellent at integrating luscious greenery and gorgeous, natural flowers into the wedding décor. Accent your wedding by choosing to go green with Dream Resorts!

3. Welcome Parties For Guests

secrc bonfire on beach

Choosing a destination wedding gives you the option to spend several days with your guests. Dreams Resorts and Spas gives you the option to add a welcome party for your event, whether it be a welcome bonfire on the beach or a private tequila tasting with a delicious bite. No matter what you plan, your guests will be sure to love the added time they get to spend together at your special event!

4. Cultural Traditions


Dreams Resorts & Spas recognizes the importance of honoring a couple’s cultural heritage or religion. They offer South Asian style weddings, and there are even some resorts that are specifically certified for authenticity for these elaborate gorgeous weddings. Dreams Tulum and Dreams Riviera Cancun offer South Asian style weddings with the amazing Shaadi Package designed to encompass 6 events.

5. Viennese Hour


Really treat your guests to the ultimate experience at Dreams Resorts & Spas by adding the Viennese Hour. This growing trend goes above and beyond a typical dessert bar by giving your guests basically all the dessert options they could ever dream of. After the Viennese Hour your guests will definitely be ready and willing to dance!