Top Wedding Resource for Getting Comfortable in Your Own Skin

If you have heard of Bliss you are one step ahead. Finding a wedding resource as good as this is going to be tricky! Bliss spa experts understand beautifully nourished skin and your wedding needs.  In addition to having some of the most well-known spas around the globe, Bliss has designed countless refreshing products for those of us that want to take the spa experience with us everywhere.  As a bride you need to be prepared for lingerie, a bathing suite and changing in a room full of bridesmaids, parents and grandmas. No better time to take care of that unwanted hair! CaptureHow do you remove all of your unwanted body hair?  Does it hurt?  Is it inconvenient?  Say goodbye to countless razors, painful waxes, and awkward spa consultations.  Bliss ‘fuzz’ off foam is the new-and-improved alternative to hair removal.  Did we mention that it’s as pain-free as possible?!

Apply the lightweight nourishing foam to the desired area, wait a few minutes, and then rinse off the unwanted hair!  Bliss ‘fuzz’ foam not only removes unwanted body hair, but also reduces future hair growth and moisturizes the skin with marine extract.  Two of the added nourishing butters leave your skin feeling silky and smooth (100% of women said their skin felt smoother after use).  Yep, you read that correctly.  Bliss ‘fuzz’ off foam removes hair, slows future hair growth, and leaves your skin soft as a baby’s bottom!

Bliss couldn’t have said it any better, “GO AS BARE AS YOU DARE!”