Yay or Nay for the Third Dress?

Brides all over the world have heard of the two dress bride.  For those who don’t know, this is the bride who has a different dress for her ceremony, usually more of a traditional gown. And her second dress, is usually something either shorter or easier to move and dance in for the reception.

Today, a new trend approaching is the third dress.   The third dress is the last of the dresses to be put on.  The bride’s first dress is something more traditional, the second is something that has more flow and more of a dreamy look, and the third dress is short and fun.  Something the bride can pair with great colorful shoes and dance the night away towards the end of her reception and for the after party.

If a bride is going to participate in this trend, she needs to have the budget to support it.  Three dresses is going to have some affect to the budget of the wedding.

Do you think this is something that will stick? Will the third dress trend be something that stays around for years to come?  Or will we see it dying down at the end of wedding season?  Only time will tell for the future of the third dress.