6 Wedding Makeup Tips from the PROS

Most of us don’t wear enough makeup on a day to day basis to even know what we want on our wedding day. So we turned to one of the top wedding makeup artists in the industry Brittany Lo, the CEO and Founder of Beautini . She gave us some secrets we just couldn’t keep.


1. Get a facial once a month starting 6 months before your wedding
Make up is AMAZING and can do AMAZING things, however, getting your skin prepped for your big day will give you a more natural effortless look. The more healthy your skin is, the better the makeup will sit on your face and even stay through out the day. Also keep in mind that having less makeup on will give you that in person glow. As you can tell from these photos Beautini has mastered natural, fresh faced, makeup look.

2. Eye Lash Extensions vs Eye Lash Strips
Usually eye lash strips do the trick but for your wedding day it’s great to have a fresh set of eye lash extensions. They are generally more natural looking and will give you long beautiful lashes for the the rehersal dinner, pre-wedding events and your big day.


3. Use Latisse On Your Eye Brows
Even if you are really sick of hearing the whole “eye brows on fleek” phrase you know that eyebrows are a thing right now. Want the perfect shape, shading, and thickness? Our pro, Brittany,  suggests using Latisse to plump up your eyebrows so you don’t have to draw them on your face on your big day.


4. The Secret to Getting Your Makeup to STICK
It’s so obvious, yet so not. WATER. HYDRATION. Make sure that you drink plenty of water and try to stay away from the binge drinking the day before you wedding. Having hydrated skin will guarantee that your makeup stays perfect a lot longer.

5. Makeup Forever HD Powder & Lip
Beautini’s amazing Brittany swears by this product. She says it is the best tool to keep you makeup looking fresh all day without smudging it all together when you decide to touch it up. Go ahead, have your cake and eat it too, dance and still have your bridal glow throughout the night.


6. Matching Robes
Get some cute robes that match for your bridal party, it really makes your “getting reading” photos uniform and amazing.  And yes we got this idea from Brittany, these matching  Beautini robes really make this wedding day shoot beautiful.