5 Reasons to Have an Al Fresco Wedding

Outdoor weddings are increasingly more popular especially “among couples who want to incorporate nature into their celebrations and share their love of the outdoors with their guests” as wedding favors vendor Tree Beginnings like to say, who encourage seedlings or seed packets as ideal wedding gifts. However, celebrating your big day al fresco isn’t always the number choice in terms of location, but  these 5 reasons may just change your mind.

1. How formal are we going?

 Santa Barbara Chic Outdoor Wedding
Source: Santa Barbara Chic

Most enclosed spaces have a preset formal expectation, but outdoor wedding receptions let you decide whether you want a black tie event, or a laid back fancy linen reception, or better yet – both! Think about it, you could have the luxury ceremony of your dreams and give your guests a break with a no high heels outdoor reception. Giving your guests yet another reason to dance the night away.

2. The ultimate flexibility where the Date, Time and Venue are entirely up to you!

As the Outdoor Wedding Specialist put it “perhaps you would like to return to the place where you first kissed on a deserted island?” and taking into consideration that wedding venues book weddings months and sometimes years in advance, having an outdoor wedding may just liberate you from such blockades. And for all we know with no end time restrictions, you could compile your list of your ideal vendors and caterers giving you the liberty of picking up trends such as Wedding Food Trucks  and vintage furniture rentals to further personalize your day.

Bridal Musings Outdoor Food Truck
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Style Me Pretty Outdoor Food Trucks
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3. Make all your Pinterest dreams come true.

If you’re a “pinning” bride and your Pinterest board is filled up, you may want to check off a few of those items without a hassle. With outdoor venues like Linwood Estate -which offer endless amount of lush green gardens, you could make all your Pinterest wedding pictures dreams a reality from daytime candid, rustic, bohemian garden photos with your guests to evening dances in a candle lit garden.

Source: Style Me Pretty Outdoor Wedding
Source: Style Me Pretty
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Source: Mod Wedding

4. Unlimited Space – Almost

Source: Wedding Wire
Source: Wedding Wire

Several gardens and outdoor estates offer a variety of setups depending on your guest count. Unlike indoor areas that are strictly limited to a set number of guests, with outdoor spaces you could let your plus ones bring plus ones! Don’t forget to add more pages to your guest book.

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5. The Sky’s the Limit – Literally

When it comes to decorating your outdoor wedding, if you can set it up- no matter how big, then its there to stay. Create any illusion you’ve always wanted from floating umbrellas and candles to customized garden ornaments. Whether you decide to make these a DIY project or entrust the task to savy outdoor and floral decorators such as Imoni Events, al fresco weddings provide the perfect canvas for your imagination to run wild.

Imoni Events Outdoor Wedding Decorcations
Source: Amy and Jordan Photography; Imoni Events
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