6 Bucket List Adventuremoon Ideas

Yes we’d all love to just relax on a sandy beach for a week and embrace all that nature has to offer in your honeymoon resort. But maybe just sitting there, isn’t your cup of tea. Adventuremoons have become increasingly popular among couples who want to remain active and explore beyond their hotel rooms during their honeymoon. Whether you’re a land lover, sea love, sky lover or all three here are  6 adventuremoon bucket list ideas to consider.

Conde Nast Traveler Bucket List
Conde Nast Traveler

1.For the love of water Experience the thrill and rush of open water shark diving, with water as clear as Cape Town’s and with its Mediterranean climate, diving in Southern African could be the golden crest for sea lovers. Travel agencies such as Hills of Africa Travel will serve you an adventuremoon on a silver plate.

2.Surfs up Or surf lovers can catch  a “big-wave surf meet on Oahu’s famed North Shore” which will prove to be as unforgettable as being on the third largest Hawaiian island. Oahu’s Visitors Bureau also suggests visiting Waikiki where surfing was born.

3.Formula 1 dreams made real

Patrice Toulze Bucket list
Source: Patrice Toulze


The Knot suggests fast and furious adventurers try out the Amazing Race in the south of France. Not only could you “take a spin at the AGS Forumal 1 Driving School” but also experience luxury exotic rides such as a Maserati for your French Riviera adventure.

4.Embrace the gentle giants Animal and land lovers wont resist caring for these 7 ton love balls. The Golden Triangle in Thailand provides the unforgettable opportunity to engage in  2,000-year – old traditional elephant care. Not many have ventured such grounds and not called it an adventure! Check professional elephant whisperer off your bucket list.

Source: Five Star Alliance Bucket List
Source: Five Star Alliance


5.Take the ultimate plunge This one takes the bucket list prize for thrill level. Adrenaline lovers can take the ultimate jump at Victoria Falls. The 111 meters of pure thrill activity is enhanced by the thought of literally being between two counties at the same time; Zimbabwe and Zambia. Not recommended for the faint hearted.

6.Visit the moon On earth of course. Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia is home to the world’s largest salt plains, mix that in with the flatland and high-altitude and you’ve got yourself a real adventure-moon!

Source: 1000 Lonely Places Bucket List
Source: 1000 Lonely Places