8 Attributes of a WS University DIY Bride

Getting a 4.0 in DIY-ing comes with a few core attributes every bride attending Wedding Salon University will posses by graduation.

1. Have a Positive Attitude

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No matter how stressful the process, remember that it’s all working towards your special day and no matter what, it’s going to be okay. This attribute is one that will get you through any situation in your process.

2.Know your Goal Whether you want a themed wedding, princess fairy tale or traditional wedding, be clear about your goal. Take Tat’s Tips on this one: Identify your personal style in creating the design for the wedding. Remember, this is the one day that it’s o.k for it to be all about you.

3.Be Flexible

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Being flexible is key to successful DIY-ing, being flexible not only with your budget (don’t forget that according to the poll conducted by The Knot the average person in the United States spends roughly $194 per wedding guest and an average $28,427 on the overall wedding) but also being flexible with your ideas and vision. Be prepared to switch to plan B at any moment in the planning process.

4.Be Knowledgeable Much like in college, as a full-time bride you should have knowledge and understanding about the academic (DIY-ing) policies and deadlines. This means not procrastinating on things such as wedding invitations, contacting vendors and beauty trials in advance. Bridal shows such as Wedding Salon’s Luxury Bridal shows can make brides more knowledgeable about vendor options, locations and costs.

5.Communicate Until the End Having to tell a friend she isn’t a bridesmaid isn’t always easy but in this case, honest, open and direct communication is key. Let your friend know in person not by text or social media and have a concise reason for not being able to include them.

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6.Be Organized
Create a timetable or timeline of the tasks to be accomplished that way you’ll never miss a deadline. Apps such as WeddingHappy and Wedding Budget Calculator make staying on top of things as easy as checking your instagram.

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7.Be Independent (When needed)

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This doesn’t mean you have to do everything on your own, however if there are tasks or details you want done right away, there’s no better person to do it than yourself since no one know you, better than you! This also means that to be a successful DIY bride you should know when and how to seek help.


8.Stay Committed to your Program You’ve already said yes to making the biggest commitment of your life, now its time to stay committed to your goals, vision, and deadlines to ensure that you make it to graduation day – your wedding day stress free and feeling fully accomplished as a DIY bride.

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