5 Tat’s Tips for Wedding Planners

Some of us were born to make the magic happen behind the scenes, and for those of us for whom planning is our calling, knowing the right tricks and methods are essential. Here a few of Tat’s Tips on becoming a planner.

Tip 1: Contracts

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Be aware of vague descriptions in proposals and contract to ensure there is no miscommunication. This means make sure the contract is as specific as possible. And of course if you’re not sure what something means, don’t hesitate to ask before signing of course.

Tip 2: The Entertainment

Don’t forget to consider additional fees that may come with having entertainers or DJs such as loading fees, travel fees and meal fees to name a few. And if you’re hiring a brand, make sure to check out who you’re picking live- don’t wait until the day of to give them your vote of confidence.

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Tip 3: The Design

Do not neglect the lighting of your event. You can spend a lot of money on beautiful floral arrangements, but if they are not lit properly all that hard work (and money spent) is lost. Consider that you can do a lot by turning the lights down and lighting candles

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Tip 4: The Photographer

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Some photographers are pushing a “Photojournalism Style” of photography which = No Portraits. In this case, if your client requires portraits, there will be an additional charge. Adding on to the tips, make sure you get Hi-Resolution files.

Tip 5: The Venue

Consider booking Sundays or Thursdays (alternate nights) to contain costs. Also, you can book slower seasons (July – August, January – March). If you are able to book within 2-3 months of the wedding, you might be able to negotiate a better rate.

Additional Tip: Don’t do a champagne toast! If your client really wants that toast, serve Proseco or a sparkling wine.