Tips For Your Leap Year Proposal

February 29th means a lot of things to a lot of people. To us in the wedding world, it’s the day that comes only one time every four years, the day women get the chance to propose to their men. The tradition comes from a 5th century Irish legend called “St. Bridget’s Complaint”. It claims that St. Bridget was annoyed with how long women had to wait for a proposal. (Because let’s be honest, even saints run out of patience). Bridget went to St. Patrick for some help, and he declared that women were allowed to propose only on February 29th, and any man who refused had to pay a fine.

Whileleap-year-proposal time has not necessarily made men any more eager to pop the question, and a fine is no longer the consequence, this urban legend has grown into a full-blown cultural phenomenon. Women everywhere are stepping up and shaking it up, and taking advantage of the chance to get down on one knee.

So, for the woman who’s tired of waiting, or who wants to shake things up, what’s the best way to do it?

First, think of what your man would like. Don’t cover the floor in rose petals and candles if he’s not a super romantic or sentimental guy. Make it special, but keep in mind, don’t propose the way you want to be proposed to. Pop the question the way you think he would want to be asked. If your relationship is full of jokes and pranks, make it funny. If he loves food, incorporate a meal. Keep it unique to him, and don’t get too caught up in what you would want in a proposal.

Second, follow the theme of the day. It’s a fun, quirky tradition that isn’t meant to be taken too seriously. So keep the proposal light, but meaningful. Don’t stress too much about making it leap year blogperfect, just have fun!  And don’t worry about a ring. Take him to dinner or a show or to your favorite spot because in reality, it is the thought that counts. Plus, some girls will still want a ring, so you can decide on those details as a couple afterwards.

Finally, don’t be nervous!!! Remember that your man would be feeling all these nerves if the roles were reversed, so appreciate that guys everywhere who are proposing feel it too. As long as you are confident and happy in your relationship, everything is going to work out. So don’t be afraid! A funky proposal like a leap year proposal is a great way to start off a fun and awesome life together.

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