Shred For the Wed Fitness Guide

“I Want To Pump YOU Up!”
The first thing that comes to a Bride-to-Be’s mind after getting engaged is how to get the rest of her body right and tight. There are so many routines and options that it can be a little scary for a Bride to take on the wedding shredding alone. Our lovely friends at The Bridal Body Shop have tips and tricks to help you out.
Everybody hears the facts about how having more muscle will help you burn more fat, but do you know how many calories?  “Just by adding one pound of extra lean muscle , your body will burn  50 extra calories a day” says Laurie Towers and Elite Ziegelman of The Bridal Body Shop. “This may not sound like a big deal, but when you consider the fact that this happens when you are even at rest, the amount you have burned off at the end of the week , can ensure that on a well deserved ‘cheat day’, that browner you enjoy probably won’t land on you!”.
Tune in and listen to their weekly radio show here for more insight on how you can shred for your wed!