Hopping Into Pastels For Your Wedding

 Flowers are blooming, the sun is shining and beautiful colors are springing in to light. When it comes to Spring weddings there are never a shortage of luminous pastels to choose from for your bridesmaids dresses, flowers or other accent features.  Take a look at these pretty pastels to inspire your magical spring wedding!


By uniquely incorporating florals into your reception decor, you can add a fresh look and some extra romance! There are so many combinations of flowers and Better Home and Garden Magazine showcases the best one for any couple. Whether you are a lover of pink and purple or blue and green there are so many ways to showcase your personality through the elegance of flowers.


Nothing is sweeter than beautifully colored treats! You can incorporate pastels into other little areas of your wedding such as invitations, your signature cocktails, table centerpieces and of course, the sweet treats. The Knot has more inspiration on how to do just that!


Pastel colored bridesmaid dresses are simple, elegant and timelessly beautiful. Spice them up with floral headpieces for a fun and flirty twist! When it comes to pastels you can keep a traditional look or even go with something more modern. Brides Magazine looked into fun ways to wear these fun colors.


Flowers, flowers and more flowers! They are the root to your special day and you can never have too many! Try different pastel combinations to perfect the feel you want for your wedding. We couldn’t get enough of what Brides Magazine had to say about pastel bouquets!


Let’s not forget the grooms! Our men can easily incorporate pastels into their wedding day look with their ties, bow ties, socks and boutonnieres. If you’re not sure of where to find these fun looks, check out David Fin‘s luxury ties! They have the perfect colors and designs to match any spring time wedding!