The How To’s of Wedding Planning: The Client Interview

If you are a wedding planner, the process of putting together the perfect day for your client can be daunting and overwhelming. But the most important thing to do it stay calm and take it one step at a time. The first step in the process is the Client Interview, which sets the stage for the rest of your time working together. Whether they need you for a little guidance, or to help with every decision, here’s some things to remember when talking to your client.

Budget, Budget, Budget! 

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The average wedding can cost anywhere from $28,000-$32,000, but your bride may have a budget well under or way beyond this. No matter what, make sure your client understands what they can and cannot afford. Get an idea of what their dream wedding would look like, then work to make it a reality at their price point.

Setting the Date

The date of the wedding is one of the most important decisions (behind the dress, of course!). Brides don’t always realize, but several aspects of the wedding are centered around the date. Bridesmaid dresses, food, and flowers all depend on the time of year your client is tying the knot.

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Wedding reception ideas

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Venue and Theme

Choosing a theme can be a challenge, but also a lot of fun for the bride and groom. Listen to what they want, give guidance without telling them what to choose. After the theme is chosen, you can start picking colors, flowers and dresses! The venue sets the stage for the entire wedding, so make sure the venue can incorporate the number of guests, but also matches the theme the client is going for. Determine if they want a religious ceremony at a church, mosque, synagogue, etc., or if one venue will hold the entire event.

Take detailed notes, look presentable, be informative and polite, and have fun! After the interview, write up a proposal unique to the brides wishes. This is the biggest day of your clients life, and you get to share it with them!