Friday Vendor Spotlight – August 12, 2016

Leros Limo

 Since 1983, Leros has been family owned and operated. Their beginning was similar to any other small start-up: a few determined entrepreneurs with a passion for excellence. Leros recruits and trains the best people, from chauffeurs to senior management — serving their clients with the most experienced and knowledgeable people in the industry.

Photo credit: Leros Limo
Photo credit: Leros Limo

M&J Bridal Salon

M&J Trimming has been providing the fashion industry with fabric trimmings from around the world for over 70 years. Synonymous with high quality and endless variety, they continue to supply their clientele with the newest and most exclusive products imaginable. They are now thrilled to announce their venture into the bridal industry. M&J’s exquisite new bridal salon has a striking array of Swarovski and pearl headpieces, beautiful silk flowers, Swarovski bridal jewelry, handbags, gloves, and more. Each unique piece is hand selected from the top designer collections across the U.S. and Europe.

Friday Vendor Spotlight - August 12, 2016 general    imagetemplate.php?u=mjbridalsalon&t=gp&img=wcb 458 51460730226  Friday Vendor Spotlight - August 12, 2016 Friday Vendor Spotlight - August 12, 2016
Photo Credit: M&J Bridal Salon


Manhattan NYC, Affinia

Fitzgerald Ballroom
Photo credit: Affinia Hotel

Just right for those who love the thrill of Broadway life and live performances, the Manhattan NYC, an Affinia Hotel captures the spirit of a buzzing pre-show Broadway theater. Guests gather under high ceilings and flow between its New York-inspired lobby, stunning ballroom, designer event space and, spacious suites. Manhattan NYC’s high-energy Midtown location puts you at the crossroads of the city’s most iconic neighborhood districts- across from Pennsylvania Station and Madison Square Garden

Mexico Tourism Board

The Mexico Tourism Board (MTB) is the organization entrusted to coordinate, design and develop the national and international strategies of touristic promotion for Mexico. Furthermore, the Mexico Tourism Board is also in charge of promoting the numerous destinations and activities that Mexico has to offer, as well as Mexico’s many natural and cultural locations.

Savvy Navigator

Ready to travel? Escape the hassle – let the experts book your luxury experience. They’re part of a global network of specialty travel advisers and bespoke planners who know better than anyone how to plan the perfect trip. They understand luxury and value, and will connect you to the world.

Photo credit: Savvy Navigator
Photo credit: Savvy Navigator


The Florida Keys & Key West

Why do so many couples choose to get married in the Florida Keys? One of the best reasons is that the Keys are very easygoing and informal – so that much of the stress of typical wedding planning simply doesn’t happen. The Keys have excellent professional wedding planners who offer divers packages, and can make the brides’ choices easy while behaving in a laid-back yet professional manner.

Bride and groom at Shipwreck Museum in Key West


The Sound Explosion Event Group

The Sound Explosion Event Group is an Entertainment & Production Company providing services for a variety of events grand or intimate throughout the tri-state area. Let their Event Design Team guide you through the steps from an idea to reality. From state-of-the-art sound, lighting and video to the programming of your event. They make the planning process easy. With comprehensive room design/decor and the help of their extremely talented entertainment staff, they guarantee your venue looks, sounds and feels amazing.

Photo credit: The Sound Explosion Event Group
Photo credit: The Sound Explosion Event Group

Tracie Martyn Skin Care Salon

British-born New York beauty expert, Tracie Martyn is the authority to whom actors and actresses, music industry icons, members of royal families, media moguls, and supermodels entrust their faces; not only before important events such as award shows and red carpet appearances, but as the premier choice of a non-invasive yet effective approach to beauty. 

Photo credit: Tracie Martyn Skin Care
Photo credit: Tracie Martyn Skin Care