Biggest Wedding Planning Mistakes

Have you started planning for the big day yet?

Of course you have! When engagement bliss begins, so does all the planning; and while it’s fun and exciting finding your venue, picking out your color scheme, or asking you best friends to join your Bride Tribe… there are some big questions that come up along the way.
Check out our list of planning mistakes to avoid and tackle those questions head on as you and your honey sail into wedded bliss.

1.) Planning a wedding that is lacking important pieces of your personalities.

Of course, you want your wedding to be everything you dream of and more, so making sure to add bits and pieces of your personalities into the overall theme is big must. Do you have a favorite flower or color? Does your fiance have a favorite sports team? Maybe you have significant memories from your first vacation together? Adding these special touches to your big day will add a personal and intimate feel for you and your guests to enjoy.

2.) Wasting money on unnecessary items when your budget doesn’t allow for lavish spending.

Set your budget early on in the planning process and try your best to stick to it. With your fiancé, make notes of what elements are most important to each of you and decide what to splurge on and what to keep more modest.

3.) Doing everything yourself.

It’s your wedding and we know you want to try out everything you pinned to your “Our Wedding” board.. Go ahead and incorporate all those cute directional signs and alternative seating ‘card’ ideas, but try to avoid doing all these DIY projects yourself. Recruit your squad to help. Make it a girls night in and have fun getting ready for the big day.

4.) Not Knowing the master of ceremonies.

The officiate guides your ceremony and the MC controls the direction of the reception. Get to know each of them and be sure to discuss what your views are for the perfect day.

5.) Thinking “it could never rain on MY wedding day”.

We know even the thought of rain on your most magical day gives you chills, but it is best to have a plan just in case a few sprinkles come your way; they do say it’s good luck, right? Be prepared,  just in case.. purchasing cute rain boots and a matching umbrella is one option to give you a little piece of mind, plus how adorable will those photos be?! Another planning tip in case the weather becomes a factor… be flexible with your timing; unfortunately you can’t make the rain stop, but you can give yourself a little leeway to adjust your schedule slightly to accommodate slower patches or clearer skies.

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