Five Wedding-Planning Tips From Top Professionals

Five Wedding-Planning Tips From Top Professionals

We have joined with our friends at Aisle Planner to share with you five wedding-planning tips from professional planners.
Read on and get ready to take notes—we have some serious wisdom for all of our soon-to-be brides and grooms out there:


(1) Include Gratuity In Your Initial Budget:

A common mistake so many couples make when mapping out their budget is forgetting to include gratuity. Remember, this isn’t dining at a restaurant or valeting your car—we’re talking about big-ticket items, so your gratuity amounts will be larger than they would for everyday items, which is why it’s always best to factor them in from the get-go. Be sure to do some research on standard tip rates in your area, as these will vary for different regions.

(2) Start Working On Your Paper Goods Early:

Whether you’re working with a stationer or DIY’ing it, start conceptualizing out that invitation suite and other paper goods earlier than you think you need to. Designing, revising, printing and shipping always take more time than you think.

(3) At Minimum, Hire A Day-Of Coordinator:

Your budget may not allow for a full-time wedding planner—and that is completely fine—but we highly recommend finding a way to make room in your budget for a day-of or month-of planner at the very least. With all of the time, energy and money you put into your wedding, don’t just throw it to the wind on the day-of. This is YOUR day to finally relax and celebrate—you shouldn’t be worrying about logistics or, the worst part, clean-up and tear-down. You also don’t want to hand these responsibilities off to family or friends—they deserve to celebrate with you, and, as good as our moms or best friends are, there’s simply no replacement for a seasoned wedding planning pro who knows his or her way around an event.

(4) Use A Comprehensive Wedding Checklist:

With so many moving parts, every good wedding deserves a comprehensive and streamlined planning process. Aisle Planner was designed to make the planning process simple, easy and effective—and part of the platform includes a super-helpful Wedding Planning Checklist, which you can customize and use regularly to ensure you’re staying on track. Because Aisle Planner is cloud-based, you can also access your Checklist on the go and share it with others who are helping you plan that perfect affair.

(5) Remember What Your Wedding Day Is All About:

After decades of planning weddings professionally, this is the best piece of advice we can offer, as it’s something all couples need to hear. With color palettes to choose and floral arrangements to approve and seating charts to map out, it can be all-too-easy to forget what it is you’re celebrating. Your wedding isn’t anything more than a day to celebrate your love and brand-new life together as a two-man team. It isn’t about having a Pinterest-perfect archway or the best bouquet on Instagram. We love design details as much as the next savvy bride or groom, but, when it comes down to it, any wedding is a beautiful wedding so long as there is love in the air and a happy couple at the altar.

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