The How To’s Of Wedding Planning: Etiquette and Protocols

Even though a wedding is supposed to be a fun, happy time celebrating the union of two people, there are a lot of technicalities that go into making the day perfect that the bride and groom may not consider. Good thing you’re a trained professional who can help make it all possible!

Marriage Licenses 

The rules and regulations that couples must follow in order to obtain a license aren’t always common knowledge. Ask help from a planner or friend that has gone through the process before. Make sure you understand all of the legal documents you may need for the day of your wedding before the actual day!

Save the Dates and Invites

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Save the dates are a cute quirky way to express the personalities of the bride and groom while reminding invitees of the celebration. Usually they are sent 3 months before the wedding date. For Invitations, order them 4 months prior, and send them 6-8 weeks before the wedding. Include the invite, return card and envelope, directions and a meal preference card if required. Use the same stationary for the table placements and menus the day of the wedding, and the thank you notes after, to keep the theme cohesive throughout the event.

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Once you’ve chosen a theme of the wedding you get to pick your dress and what the rest of the bridal party wears. It’s important to let the guest know how formal or casual your wedding is. An outdoor wedding is typically more casual than one inside in a formal venue. Afternoon weddings are also often more casual than in the evening.

Financial Traditions

There have been a lot of traditions over the years regarding who pays for what part of the wedding, but everyone’s different! Keep tabs on who pays for what whether it be the bride or groom or their families.  Communicate from the beginning who is paying for what so there is no confusion later on.

Out-of-town Guests

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Remember that these guests need somewhere to stay! Reserve blocks of rooms in two hotels at different prices, so that everyone can make the most of their time in town. Greet them with a “welcome basket” filled with treats and wedding info to help them feel at home! Small favors should also be given to all guests to give them something to remember the amazing night!


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