The Picture Perfect Wedding

  Close your eyes and picture yourself standing by the aisle looking over at your guests. What kind of setting do you imagine around you? Maybe a view of the ocean or of the city skyline with a beautiful sunset in the background. We provided you with some inspirational photos to help you get one step closer to finding the perfect location for your wedding day. Enjoy!

Beach Bliss

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Photo by Sun & Sea Beach Weddings
Image result for oceanfront wedding
Photo by Vero Beach Hotel & Spa
Image result for beach weddingPhoto by Southern Most Beach Resort

Celebrate your love with white sand, blue ocean, palm trees, and the ocean breeze! What is not to love about that?

City Views

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Photo by Sharabooks
Image result for Rooftop Wedding
Photo by Tribeca Rooftop
Image result for Rooftop Wedding
Photo by Cassidy Parker Smith

Have a picture perfect wedding with breathtaking views of the city. As the day goes on, watch the city light up as you celebrate the night away.

Indoor Decor

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Photo by Party Favor Side As
Image result for wedding hotel
Photo by Omni Hotels & Resorts
Image result for wedding venue hotel
Photo by Claridges

Indoor weddings give you one less thing to worry about… the weather! Select the venue of your dreams and set the mood with special lighting and candles for you and your guest to enjoy.

Explore The Outdoors

 Image result for outdoor wedding
Photo by KT Merry Photography
Image result for outdoor wedding
Photo by Brett Matthews Photography
Image result for outdoor wedding
Photo by Spindlicity 

Embrace the outdoors with your loved ones. Your options are endless from gardens, rooftops, to even your own backyard!

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