TAT’S TIPS: Avoid Common Mistakes And Look Radiant On Your Wedding Day!

The best way to avoid a problem is to know what causes it. There’s not a bride who doesn’t want to look breathtaking on her special day. We will give you the top tips to looking your absolute best and help you avoid common mistakes brides make before their special day.

                     Try on your makeup looks before your wedding day!

             Inspiration Image from Cloe Noel Inspiration Image from Dallas Hair & Makeup

            Left Photo by Cloe Noel designs. Right Photo By Dallas Hair and Makeup

Problem– A common mistake is having makeup applied hours before the event just to realize it did not come out as expected. Now there is no time for changes and the show must go on.

Solution– During the time your planning your wedding, choose makeup looks that you feel you would love for your wedding and save them. Make a Pinterest, even. Closer to the day, select 2-3 of your favorite looks and try them all on before your wedding. Now that you selected your final look, you can daydream about how perfect your day will be!

        Eat healthy and keep a consistent skincare routine!

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          Left Photo by HBFit and Right Photo by (Mariday/ShutterStock)  

Problem – You are days away from your wedding and all you can think about is the break out on your face! Will people notice them? Will they go away before the wedding?

Solution– Sometimes your face can be unpredictable. The worst thing you can do is give it a reason to break out. Make sure to stay away from junk food and maintain a consistent skincare routine for at least a month. Eating fruits and veggies will give you that extra glow!

                      Sunscreen, Sunscreen, Sunscreen!

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                 Right Photo by Saremi health and beauty

Problem– It is very common for brides to get sun-burnt before their special day! Whether you just wanted a little color for your white dress or you and your bridesmaids spent your last couple of days sipping cocktails by the pool.

Solution Never forget to wear your sunscreen! Not only the last couple weeks before your wedding but every single day leading up to it. In addition to not having that burnt look, by wearing sunscreen, you can prevent skin discoloration and premature wrinkles.

Follow these tips for stress free, beautiful, glowing skin!

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