WE LOVE… Charm City Cakes

WE LOVE... Charm City Cakes general    7cd8cc5e2543dd4ddf4fd2120be03217 400x400  WE LOVE... Charm City Cakes WE LOVE... Charm City CakesOne of the most memorable parts of a wedding, especially for guests, is your wedding cakes. Not only do you want the most spectacular looking cake, but a cake that tastes just as good on the inside. No matter where your wedding location is Charm City Cakes is the answer. You make have seen them numerous times on food network or working with companies such as Make A Wish, E!, and Under Armour to name a few. Charm City Cakes team of cake decorators churned out cakes the world had never seen before: cakes with sound, cakes with smoke, cakes with motorized moving components, and even life-sized baby elephant cakes! They are able to take whatever wedding dream cake you have and make it a reality.