Outdoor Wedding?

Why not surprise them with a Belgium Waffle food truck for dessert?

 Wafels & Dinges offers couples great brunch or dessert. Guests order from the food truck  outside the event. The waffles are customized to each order with the toppings you pick, such as thick hot fudge or sweet strawberries.

Go with the  trend! 

Find More Information at: https://wafels.com/ 

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Outdoor Wedding? general    dinges 2 300x175  Outdoor Wedding? Outdoor Wedding?
Image by: https://wafels.com/about-us/
Outdoor Wedding? general    Dinges 1 300x225  Outdoor Wedding? Outdoor Wedding?
Image by: https://pulsd.com/new-york/eats/story/snack-n-shop-with-wafels-dinges