For Brides who Brunch 

Leading up to a wedding, there are a lot of celebrations that occur to make time and space for the family and friends of the wedding couple and you might not want to have the same food at all of them. If you are looking for caters to consider, we recommend these:


For Brides who Brunch  food-beverage    waflws 150x150  For Brides who Brunch  For Brides who Brunch 

Waffle and Dinges

The mouthwatering flavors of Waffles and Dinges is sure to make your guests crave more. The company specializes in Belgian waffles with all the fixings (aka Dinges). From speculoos to berries, they have every topping to make you bridal shower brunch as delicious as it will be memorable. 


For Brides who Brunch  food-beverage    donut 150x129  For Brides who Brunch  For Brides who Brunch 

Wishing Well Donuts

Wishing Well Donuts will make your event stand out with their DIY creation bar and a donut machine that makes each ini cake in front of you. These bite-sized tasty snacks are bound to impress your guests with the endless array of toppings like cinnamon, strawberry icing, caramel sauce, lemon, and marshmallow. 


For Brides who Brunch  food-beverage    dzdnlogo   For Brides who Brunch 

Dazzling Donuts

Dazzling Donuts is an onsite mini donut catering company dedicated to making smiles happen. Whether you choose to pre order donuts for your event or have them made on site for your guests to see, they are sure to wow. 


The fun part about all of these is that even though they are breakfast foods, you don’t have to serve them only at brunch! Opt for some sweeter cocktail hour treats or add them to your dessert table during the reception.