Couples Reviews

“Went to this event a few weeks back with my fiance and we had a great time.  The companies were very high end and had beautiful displays.  I’m actually speaking with one of the florists about possibly doing my wedding!  I had never been to a bridal show before so I felt as though I got a lot of great information for my future wedding!”

 – Arielle M. NYC

“Wedding Salon in Los Angeles at the London Hotel was great!  I have to say my favorite part of the whole show was probably the swag bags that they provided for the brides to be … they were to die for!  So many good items inside including tons of magazines and ideas.  I was really surprised when I saw it.  The vendors were all nice and helpful.”

– Kris K., LA

“I had a chance to see some gorgeous decor ideas, dresses and accessories.  The lounge set-ups were amazing – something I never would have had a chance to see on my own.  So many fabulous ideas.  Hair is my Achilles’ heel, so it was really helpful to be able to meet with and “try out” a number of make-up and hair stylists in one stop.  I was able to come up with a short list of stylists who met my needs, rather than wasting a ton of time schlepping all over town.  Almost all the vendors were offering a “show special” or generous coupon.  The swag bag had many samples and even coupons for some of the big ticket items, including florists, caterers, DJ/bands, etc… I strongly recommend attending this event! But get there early and wear comfy shoes!”

– P.M., CH

“Great for any couple planning a wedding. There was a lot of information (+ drinks)!! Great for destination weddings and local as well. Great job Wedding Salon!”

– Stefanie F, NYC

“These were the best bridal shows I’ve been to as a bride and bridesmaid.  They have a lot of great vendors that are very helpful for getting ideas as well as book for your wedding.  I met several of my vendors from this bridal show and booked them for my wedding.  They were nothing short of greatness that all my guests rave about.”

– Krystie S, Washington D.C.

“Informative, up to date and well worth taking advantage of! Every event is planned with a focus and top notch. All involved are professional and I am looking forward to using the new found knowledge I obtained.”

– Sarah L, MIA

“Thank you for another wonderful show! I have to say, in my year of planning, this show is my favorite! It’s by far the most fun!”

– Amber S, LA