Tips For A Successful E-Mail Campaign

Thank you for being a part of Wedding Salon. Now that you have your database ready, it is time to connect with potential business. It is important to follow best practices and create marketing campaigns that work. DO NOT SPAM and be sure to provide resources for couples as they plan their BIG DAY.

Tips For Successful E-Mail Campaigns:

  1. Subject Line

  • Keep it to 50 characters or less. Over 50 characters and the subject line will be cut off.
  • Include an incentive in the subject to encourage them to open the email; try not to use the word ‘free’.
  • Try not to use your company name in the subject line.
  • We also suggest not using subject lines that contain, “It was a pleasure meeting you”, “Thanks for stopping by” or anything to that effect; keeping in mind that some of the registrants in the database may have registered, but may not have physically been at the event for one reason or another.

  1. Consistency

  • Be consistent in your communication. The email should come from the same person each time you send one out.
  • Send out email communication on a consistent basis. It is recommended that an email goes out at least once a month, but no more than twice. It typically takes 3-7 exposures before the couple is ready to buy.

  1. Tracking

  • Using an online service such as Constant Contact or MailChimp allows you to track your response rate. You can look to see how many people open the email, click on a link, unsubscribe, as well as which email addresses may have bounced back.
  • Be sure to look at this data every time correspondence is sent out.

  1. Accountability

  • Remember, planning a wedding is overwhelming to begin with; couples may not need your services just yet or possibly booked with someone else already. To ensure there are no complaints from potential business or future business (keep in mind, people may share your information with others looking for services). Make sure you clearly state how the recipient can ‘opt-out’ or ‘unsubscribe’ from receiving your emails and remember to immediately remove them from your database. Most e-mail platforms have this feature as an automated option.
  • Following commercial marketing rules and regulations, as well as best practices, we strongly suggest adding a VISIBLE ‘unsubscribe’ link or instructions to the bottom of EVERY email sent to consumers.

  1. Mobile-Friendly

  • 44% of all emails are opened on a mobile device. Make sure your email is optimized for mobile devices. Avoid clutter, columns, larger fonts and several images.

  1. Keep It Simple

  • Keep your email relevant and to the point. Long emails have been shown to get deleted faster and yield little to no results.
  • Graphics are great, but keep it to one at most.
  • Spell check is key. Share your email with one other person before sending to create a check and balance system.

  1. Call of Action

  • Make sure there is a way for couples to contact you. Include a phone number, website and email address. You may also want to reference a track-able special code or promotion to mention.