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We’ve Got You Covered…With Wedding Protector Plan!

Picture this: It is a week before your wedding day, and you and your partner get an urgent e-mail that the venue you booked suddenly went out of business. You already put down a deposit for this location you fell head over heels for, and now you only have one single week to look for a new venue, and put down even more money for a new deposit.

With Wedding Protector Plan, you are completely covered! Wedding Protector Plan is a private event insurance agency that provides wedding cancellation postponement coverage to cover an investment previously made, in the case that something goes wrong before your wedding day.

Your florist somehow placed an order for the wrong flower arrangement? Need to book a last minute limo ride for your guests because the original form of transportation didn’t work out? These are practical situations that can occur during the course of planning your wedding. But never fret! Wedding Protector Plan can ensure that any dilemma can be covered and taken care.

Photo Credit: Wedding Protector Plan
Photo Credit: Wedding Protector Plan

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