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Centerpiece Essentials

Decorations are everything! When choosing the perfect centerpiece for your guests to admire, you want to make sure it is elegant, simple, and matches the theme. Here are some ideas to help you pick the right one!


A Few Types of Centerpieces 

Compote – A goblet or chalice-shaped vase with a short pedestal.

Trumpet or Fluted Vase – A tall vase skinny at the bottom that gets wider at the top.

Rose Bowl – A round vase that is shaped like a fish bowl.

Cylinder or Column Vase – A straight, cylindrical vessel that looks like a very tall glass cup.

Trough – A long, rectangular container of short to medium height.


Centerpiece Tips 

Height – You don’t want your centerpiece to be taller than 12 or 13 inches otherwise your guests view will be blocked.

Flowers – Use more than one type of flower! Also include fruit, branches, vines, crystals, etc.

Lighting – You want your centerpiece to pop, so make sure your lighting accents the centerpiece!

Stability – If you’re going with a larger center piece, make sure the table is sturdy. You can even set up a sample table beforehand to test out the weight.

Mix it up – Use a mixture between high and low centerpieces throughout the venue.

Photo credit: San Ysidro Ranch

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