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Ceremony App

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Ceremony App

Ceremony is a free, private wedding photo and video sharing app. Ceremony’s interface organizes every moment captured by your guests into one single feed, making it easy to relive the day, download content and print your favorite memories on demand.

Ceremony app is unique because it doesn’t require the use of hashtags or a strong internet connection. Ceremony app caches content, so if there’s a dip in connectivity, those photos and videos will be uploaded once wi-fi is restored. With the app,  you can add captions and even block users or specific photos/videos if there’s some inappropriate content your grandma just doesn’t need to see as well as order prints and canvases in high resolution quickly and at lower than average prices.

The only requirement for our app is a smartphone. Once you download the app and create your event, you can invite guests via email, social networks, text or your wedding website. Once guests sign in, they can either use our built in camera or the ones on their phones to capture the best parts of the day. Just upload, add a caption and that’s it! If you can post on Facebook or Instagram, you can absolutely manage Ceremony. It’s

If you can post on Facebook or Instagram, you can absolutely manage Ceremony. It’s an incredibly user-friendly app, built with wedding guests of all ages in mind. Simple for you, simple for your guests.

Users love that they have control over who has access to their feed, that guests who can’t make their ceremonies in person can watch the day unfold in real time, and that they can immediately access a wealth of images and videos without begging their guests to share them.

Be sure to check out Ceremony app when planning your wedding!


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