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Welcome to Fire Lily Entertainment, your premier entertainment company based in Los Angeles, specializing in high-end, bespoke entertainment for weddings and events.

About Fire Lily Entertainment

Founded by artists with a background in business, Fire Lily Entertainment offers a unique perspective on the entertainment industry. Our mission is to blend business insight with artistry to deliver unparalleled entertainment experiences for events in Los Angeles and beyond. From dancers to roaming character models, bubble sphere and specialty acts, aerialists, and fire performers, we cater to weddings, corporate events, kids’ parties, and more.

Fire Dancer
Aerial Performer
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Our Services

Fire Performances: Add a touch of heat to your event with our fire performers who are professionally trained in fire performance and safety.

Aerial Performances: Let our talented aerialists fly high at your next party with breathtaking aerial performances on silks, lyra, sphere, cube, and more.

Aerial Bartending: Elevate your event with our aerial bartenders who can pour drinks upside down, adding a unique and elegant touch to your party.

LED Performances: Light up your event with our LED performers who can create custom LED shows and props to match your event’s theme.

Stilt Walkers: Impress your guests with our stilt walkers who can mingle with guests and add a touch of whimsy to your event.

Mermaids: Make a splash at your event with our mermaids who can swim and lounge with your guests, creating a magical experience for all.

Kids Face Painters: Transform your kids into their favorite characters with our team of face painters who are passionate about making every face paint experience special.

Balloon Twisting: Twist up some fun with our balloon twisters who can create animals, hats, flowers, and other balloon creations.

And much more!

Our Commitment to Excellence

Sway Pole: Set your event apart with a mesmerizing sway pole performance that will leave your audience in awe.

At Fire Lily Entertainment, we are dedicated to providing top-notch entertainment that leaves a lasting impression. Our team of professionals has a reputation for excellence, ensuring that every performance is captivating and memorable.

Act of holding fire


“Fire Lily Entertainment was the shining star of the night! Very professional and sweet! I would certainly have her at my next event because she will be a great entertainment for my guests.” 

– Arthur, Yelp

“Jocelyn (Fire Lily) was an absolute star on stilts! Her performances were nothing short of incredible and added a unique and captivating element to the entire occasion.” 

– Jonathan, Yelp

“We are so happy we hired Fire Lily Entertainment! She performed for my cousin’s surprise party and had everyone in awe with her fire performance.”

 – Sydney, Gig Salad

Contact Us

Ready to elevate your wedding or event with our entertainment services? Contact Fire Lily Entertainment today to book your entertainment experience that will leave your guests amazed and delighted.

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