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Planning a Wedding Amidst Social Distancing – July 15 Recap

On July 15, Wedding Salon hosted yet another webinar aiming to ease the nerves of couples whose weddings are approaching. There were nine panelists in attendance. They included the following individuals:


  • Jana Puga and Deborah Arana- Travel Trade Officer, Belize Tourism
  • Citlai Gonzalez – Sales and Event Manager, Viceroy Los Cabos
  • Mareike Spillner – Groups and Wedding Manager, Eden Roc Cap Cana
  • Erik Kent – Co-Publisher,
  • Carolina Santillan – Quintana Roo Tourism Board
  • Jennifer Cole – Senior Designer/CEO, Jenn Cole Designs
  • Janet Stoess Allen – Orthodontist/Owner, Park Avenue Orthodontics, LLC
  • Florence Brethome – Manager, Leisure Talent Development Manager, TravelStore


Over the course of an hour, the panelists were asked questions from the audience in real time. If you couldn’t make it, keep reading to learn all about what they had to say.


Q: What is the new “normal” for online weddings? What are micro weddings?

A: Teleconferencing is allowed to be used for weddings–  the legality of a virtual wedding is all legitimate! There are a multitude of ways these small, or micro, weddings can feel more personal. Some bakeries are being utilized to send a piece of the wedding cake to those who are in attendance from afar. You can hire music acts or a comedian to entertain your virtual guests on Zoom.


Q: When should I decide if I want to postpone my wedding?

A: Your decision to postpone your wedding is entirely up to you. However, even if you are not considering it right now, you should create a “Plan B”. This is a plan where you pick an alternate date and get all of your vendors on board for it. The postponement of the wedding will heavily rely on what is going on in your state or destination at that time. Keep in mind that things are changing rapidly in our world due to this pandemic, so anything can be possible. If you have to postpone your wedding very close to the original date, the pickings for a new date will be much slimmer.


Q: What should I do if my contract with a vendor says I will be charged a fee for canceling or postponing?

A: It is wise to reach out to your vendors sooner rather than later to discuss the matters contained in the contract. Being that this year we have all been met with very unprecedented situations, it is likely that you will be met with some leniency. This is especially true for guest minimums– with new social distancing regulations, a venue may not be able to accommodate the original anticipated guest count, so make a point to ask about this.


Q:What is the best way to shop for a wedding dress?

A: Online shopping is a fantastic resource to be used during this time, however, it is very important to double check that the company you order from has a good reputation and that you have accurate measurements of your body. Dresses that are bought “off the rack”, will very likely need alterations that may cost you $700+. These orders should be placed as soon as possible. In some cases, it is better to find a dressmaker who will create a custom gown for your measurements. Many designers will be willing to schedule a Zoom appointment or consultation to help you get your measurements and aid you further.


Q: If I have a destination wedding and the destination’s borders close while I’m there, what should I anticipate?

A: In some cases, a resort may leave travel arrangements up to the guests, but in others, certain rooms or floors of the resort may be designated for those quarantining.


Q: What are the social distancing regulations regarding the reception?

A: Seating and tables will have to be spaced out, couples and families may sit closer than 6-feet to each other, but besides that, others will maintain a safe distance. When guests are not eating, they must be wearing a mask, and that includes when they are on the dance floor. Buffet style meals are less likely to be served; instead, expect to see seated and served meals.


Q: What are some tips for abroad weddings?

A: As long as people are following social distancing guidelines and using sanitizing measures, people should be safe; wedding planners and experts are keeping tabs on the safe protocols for weddings during this time, the most sanitary measures possible are being taken. Try to think of travel during this time less as “unsafe”, and more as “different”. Some safe locations include: Belize, Tahiti, Maldives and Caribbean islands. In the event you have to cancel your event or trip, using a travel expert will ensure that you receive refunds or travel credits in return.


Q: How should I communicate with my guests during the months leading up to my wedding?

A: It is important to have a conversation with your venue about the amount of people they anticipate being able to allow. This conversation may lead to a change in the amount of guests you are able to invite; clear conversation with your venue will always illuminate the way. You should still send save the dates and invitations! Digital ones will definitely be better during this time.


Q: For couples who want to beautify their smiles, or anything else about them, during this time of quarantine, what is being done for patients to feel safe?

A: Before looking into any office visit, see if virtual appointments are possible, and if not, be sure to ask which safety protocols are in place. The safety protocols may include extra care for how close patients are in waiting rooms, air purification and beyond.


Wedding Salon’s next webinar is on July 27 at 1PM EST.

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