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Swag Bags

People from all over the country come running to our fabulous bridal trade show to receive some of the most spectacular gifts in their very own swag bag! We are sponsored by Bloomingdales which means the bags we use for our swag bags are the notorious Big Brown Bags; this allows you to stay stylish while transporting your goodies. The contents of the swag bags vary with each showcase, but in the past, we have had items ranging from tasty flavored beverages by Neuro Drinks, to classy bridal magazines like BRIDE Magazine, all the way to the smoothest and most pigmented lipsticks by Mac Cosmetics. The brides never go unsatisfied when they receive their own perfect swag bag! The products and magazines that are chosen for the bags are specifically picked to ensure that they will be useful to the bride. This way, the swag bags are able to make the lives of the brides-to-be be a little bit easier before the big day!

In our most recent show, the 2016 Chicago show, the brides were fortunate enough to receive not only a $500 gift card from Elaya Vaughn Bridal, but also smooth moisturizing lotion by Redex, delicious caramel popcorn by Johnson’s Popcorn and a duo kit of nail polishes by Nailtiques. Past goodies that have made appearances in bags are products from brands such as Lancôme, Acure Organics, and EDEN Bodyworks. These are just a few of the many incredible products that can be included in our swag bags. You definitely don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to get the best and most exciting one yet!



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