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Wedding Makeup Done Right

Q&A with Rebecca Perkins of Rouge Makeup Salon

Meet Rebecca Perkins, owner of Rouge Makeup Salon
Recognized by Vogue, Elle, The New York Times and more! Rebecca gives us the inside scoop of bridal beauty tricks and tips, plus common mistakes.

What drew you to become a makeup artist?

“I never considered any other career.  From the time I was a young girl I knew I wanted to do makeup.  I loved the transformative ability of character makeup and special effects and the ability to make myself or someone else feel special with the application of a few creams and powders.  It’s the only thing I have ever done, professionally.”

What’s the perfect makeup look for a bride on her big day?

“The perfect makeup is makeup that makes the bride feel like the most beautiful version of herself.  If she is used to wearing bold strong lips, then this is the day for the boldest, most beautiful strong lip.  If she is not used to wearing strong lipstick, her wedding day is not the day to start and she should wear a look that is tailored to what makes her feel special.  Also, it should define her features so that she photographs well and it should last all day.” 

How does bridal makeup differ from other makeup looks?

“Women are willing to go a bit further in their wedding makeup then in their day to day life. So brides, while they might not usually wear a full face of makeup, on their wedding day, they expect to.  So while she might not always wear eyeshadow, her wedding day is a day to really try a bit of color on the lid in addition to a face and a lip.” 

What’s your favorite look that you’ve done for a bride?

“My sisters are the favorite bridal makeups that I have done.  The first one was when I was 19!  But you can’t beat that look they give themselves once you are finished.  The look that says: “oh my god, I didn’t realize I could look like this!”  We get that look in Rouge a lot, actually.

What is one product every bride should use on their wedding day?

“Individual lashes, hands down.”

Do you have any tips for keeping a beautiful complexion leading up to wedding day?

“If you are oily, blotting sheets so you don’t cake up on the powder.  If you are dry, a mist like the Rouge Refreshing Lavender Mist that has glycine in it to wake up the makeup.  And of course reapplying your lip.

What are some common beauty mistakes made by brides?

“Feeling like they need to wear too much makeup ‘for the pictures’ that they don’t feel comfortable in person.

Describe 3 tips to help brides get the look they want on their wedding day. 

  1. Do a trial with your makeup artist so there are no surprises on the day.
  2. Make sure your skin is in great shape in the weeks leading up to your wedding.  Preparation is everything.
  3. Have a touch up kit with a mist, a powder, blotting sheets, and lipstick.   And then once the pictures are done and the party gets started, forget about your makeup and start dancing.

How has your experience as a makeup artist for television influenced the way you do bridal makeup?

“I think television has trained me to roll with anything and that anything can happen.  That certainly applies to bridal makeup.  And that the makeup might look lovely up close but you need to be carefully walking the line between up close detail and the makeup registering on camera.  That’s a fine line.”


What separates Rouge Makeup Salons from other bridal makeup services?

“A lot of brides are on the look out for people hearing “bridal makeup” and jacking up the price.  We don’t mark our prices up for this.  We do beautiful makeup every day of the week.  That’s the advantage of doing makeup for any and every occasion all day every day.  We’re ready to make your wedding day amazing.”





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