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Next Showcase: Monday, April 29th 2024 - New York

Business Description

Cassandra Lee & Co Event Planning is a full-service wedding company.

With so many wedding planners and event designers available, you’ve found your way to me…That's because you want to feel something you've never felt before. It's because your wedding is about more than just the's about an experience.

It’s not second nature that you already know how to plan a wedding. After all, how many large-scale events have you thrown in your own honor before? Probably none, but that’s okay. That’s why you found me. And I promise it’s going to be amazing!

Your wedding is more than just another evening out... it becomes a memory, benchmarking this moment in time.

My job is to take your ideas and transform it into an environment unlike anything you have ever seen. After all, we aren't just planning your wedding. We are creating memories. It is the promise of those memories that move me each day, inspiring me to do more with each and every event I plan. Milestones like these are precious and come but once in a lifetime.

The opportunity to cultivate them is an honor and a privilege. It is with pleasure that I dedicate my life to these moments and to you!

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  • 661-802-9572
  • Los Angeles, California, United States