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Next Showcase: Monday, June 17th 2024 - Miami

Business Description

Originally launched as a unique way to elevate an event through custom and beautiful can designs, Eliqs has evolved into something much more. We believe that craft beverages are more than just fun libations—they are the medium that bring people together in celebration.

Our daily lives are improved by personalized experiences and products, so why not transform a social staple as universal as the can you’re drinking from into something meaningful and brand-enhancing. Trends come and go, but the search for creative ways to get people talking and engaged remains a constant. At Eliqs, we’re energized by the opportunity to serve as a solution in providing the next channel that makes this achievable.

We’re a team of dedicated creators who see an incredible opportunity to make a splash in an industry that has become stagnant.

Vendor Info
  • (904)414-3643
  • Santa Monica, California, United States