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Next Showcase: Monday, April 29th 2024 - New York

Business Description

We at Solo Mio Photography believe the best picture is the one you didn’t even know was taken. We love capturing the candid raw moments that happen between the other moments. We don’t take pictures, we create art work that will tell your story in the most beautiful way.

Anybody Can Pick Up A Camera, Put A Couple Lights Up, Add Some Presets, Artificial Editing And Say “I Am A Wedding Photographer”. Wedding Photography Is A Work Of Art, Is Capturing A Moment That Will Never Happen Again And Make It Last Forever! We Love That About Weddings. We Are Proud Lovers Of Natural Light, Candid Moments, Moments Between The Moments That You Didn’t Even Notice Until You See Your Pictures. With That Said, If You Need Someone To “Take Pictures” Don’t Hire Us, We Are Not The Right Fit For You. Solo Mio Photography Delivers Forever Memories, Those Pieces That You Want Up On Your Walls...Not Just Pictures But Artwork.

Vendor Info
  • 305-942-0978
  • 3635 Northeast 1st Avenue, Miami, Florida 33137, United States