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Business Description

I am committed to helping you prioritize and sort through the confusion that comes with managing your finances in these complicated times.

When I meet with clients, the cookie cutter stays in the kitchen, and we work through your situation, and come up with a Plan of Action that you can implement with anyone. Whether it's a one-time plan or an ongoing relationship, I promise personal and professional service as we work through your needs, and come up with realistic solutions.

My goal is to give you a high level of personalized service, so that you and your family can life a comfortable life while providing for the important people around you.

Let our years of experience help you reach your goals, including your goals for your family. One of our areas of specialty is working with multiple generations of family members. Part of creating a financial plan includes knowing when you are part of someone else's Plan. For example, are you inheriting a large amount that will affect your Estate Plan? Is someone else counting on you for support? Do you have a Special Needs person in your family? When should you start Social Security?

These are all issues that affect your Plan AND their Plan. Working with a CFP across the generations can make sure that all these variables can be taken into account properly.

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  • 516-354-3334
  • 8 Yale Street, Garden City, New York 11530, United States