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Category: Food & Beverage

Apr 03
Levain Bakery

Sweetening Your Wedding Celebration Elevate your wedding celebration with the irresistible allure of Levain Bakery’s iconic cookies. Founded by baking enthusiasts Pam Weekes and Connie McDonald, Levain Bakery has become a cherished institution known for its indulgent treats, including the famous big chocolate chip walnut cookies. Made with simple, high-quality ingredients and a generous sprinkle […]

Apr 02
Tony’s Chocolonely

The Ethical Choice for Your Wedding For over 13 years, Tony’s Chocolonely has been a beacon of hope in the chocolate industry, aiming to eradicate slavery from cocoa farms and create a fair supply chain. Just like a wedding is a celebration of love and commitment, Tony’s Chocolonely celebrates the love for chocolate and the […]

Mar 05
Boxed Water

Why Boxed Water? Make a sustainable choice for your wedding day. Boxed Water’s plant-based cartons are 92% renewable and 100% recyclable, reducing plastic waste and preserving our forests. Say “I do” to an earth-friendly option that’s better for our planet than plastic bottles and canned water. Order Online Ordering Boxed Water for your wedding is […]

Feb 26
HeartNSoul Mixology

Welcome to HeartNSoul Mixology, where we infuse pieces of ourselves into every signature craft cocktail we create. Our passion lies in building relationships and expressing our artistry through exceptional signature cocktails for your events. Services We Offer Complete Event Beverage Catering Services Concept/Theme/Signature Cocktail Development & Coordination Services Signature Cocktail Glassware & Margarita Machine Rental Services […]

Feb 26
Chunk-n-Chip Cookies

Welcome to Chunk-N-Chip, where we believe that every wedding should be a sweet celebration of love and happiness. Our catering services are designed to make your special day even more memorable with our craveable ice cream and cookies. Crafted with Love Since 2019, Chunk-N-Chip has been a part of countless weddings, delighting couples and guests […]

Feb 26
Smokin’ Steve’s Catering

For over 19 years, Smokin’ Steve’s Catering has been renowned for our award-winning barbecue, featuring our original dry rub blend, bbq sauce, and slow-cooked recipes. But today, we offer much more than just barbecue. We are a full-service catering company, providing a range of entrées, appetizers, salads, sandwiches, desserts, and other mouth-watering treats for weddings, […]

May 27
Monster Energy

Between fueling countless musicians, athletes, and everyday people, Monster Energy is there for all of your needs on your wedding day. Get More Information at: See Consumer Experiences on Instagram 

May 27
Palermo’s Bakery

Palermo’s specializes in custom cakes and desserts and are the master bakers for creative wedding cakes. Get More Information at: See Customer Experiences on Facebook    

May 27
Surprise Your Guests With an Ice Cream Feast

Having years of experience throwing fun catering events and serving this cold, sweet treat, Ben & Jerry’s can turn any wedding event dessert into an ice cream feast. They have a variety of catering packages as well to help you make it as easy as possible. They can cater indoors or outdoors at any point […]

May 27
Harmless Harvest: An Organic Option

Harmless Harvest is an organic water company that produces their products from freshly grown coconuts in Thailand. Harmless Harvest makes a great favor or placed in the guests’ hotel rooms as a welcome treat.   Get More Information at: