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Silly Chilly Hot Sauce

For all the hot sauce lovers out there… Need something to spice up your big day? We’ve got something new that you can try. Silly Chilly Hot Sauce handmade in the United States, using all organic, gluten free ingredients and zero preservatives. With temperatures from mild to super duper hot, Silly Chilly is able to please all guests, whether they can handle the heat or not!

Founder of Silly Chilly Hot Sauce, Sufia Hossain prides herself in buying chili peppers, garlic, herbs, and onions from local farmers markets, making her products natural and fresh. She believes that the ingredients in each jar of hot sauce should be just as fresh as it was before it was made! The hot sauce is neatly packaged in a mason jar marked with green, yellow, or red labels, determining the level of hotness. Silly Chilly Hot Sauce comes in delicious flavors ranging from Roasted Tomato & Roasted Garlic and Sweet Peppers & Mango, to Habanero Pepper & Garlic.

Don’t know how to incorporate hot sauce within your wedding? Give jars of Silly Chilly Hot Sauce as your signature wedding favor so your guests can cook with it at home. Have an unforgettable hot sauce bar; displaying Silly Chilly’s various flavors for all of your hot sauce loving guests to devour during each entrée. Have bottles of hot sauce as escort card holders, or you also can’t go wrong with having Silly Chilly Hot Sauce and tortilla chips during happy hour!

Having Silly Chilly Hot Sauce at your wedding is a perfect way for sharing you and your groom’s love for all things spicy, while pleasing your guests with the assortment of choices and flavors combined in each jar. As Sufia Hossian says, “it’s more than just ‘sass in a glass,’ its sass in a sauce!”

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