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Tony’s Chocolonely

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The Ethical Choice for Your Wedding

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For over 13 years, Tony’s Chocolonely has been a beacon of hope in the chocolate industry, aiming to eradicate slavery from cocoa farms and create a fair supply chain. Just like a wedding is a celebration of love and commitment, Tony’s Chocolonely celebrates the love for chocolate and the commitment to ethical practices.

A Legacy of Ethical Chocolate

Founded with a mission to make 100% slave-free chocolate the norm, Tony’s Chocolonely is committed to transparency and fairness. Their chocolate bars are not only delicious but also make a statement against child labor and modern slavery in the cocoa industry.


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Spread the Love, Spread the Chocolate

Wedding Chocolates

Make your wedding day even more special with personalized wedding favors from Tony’s Chocolonely. With custom wrappers featuring your names, wedding date, or a special message, you can treat your guests to a sweet reminder of your love and commitment while supporting a cause that’s close to your heart. Together, we can make a difference and create a world where chocolate is made without slavery.

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